Tip: Increasing your reach with mobile order ahead

Phones are a big part of our day-to-day life. When you think about all the things they do for you, you likely wonder what they could do for your business. One of the strongest trends in the mobile world is app ordering for quick service restaurants. Here’s why.


This new service allows businesses to maximize the number of transaction they process, especially during their peak hours. Mobile order ahead also increases foot traffic and customer loyalty by adding a ‘sticky factor’ and competitive edge. Customers love to order remotely and skip the line on a busy day.

Companies like Starbucks and Taco Bell are well aware of these benefits and are already using them to significantly boost sales.

Compared to in-store purchases, Taco Bell’s mobile order ahead transaction sizes average about 30% higher. Customers were so eager for this service, that on the first day of Taco Bell’s app launch, 75% of all locations processed mobile orders.

Starbucks’ app has achieved similar success and is typically viewed as the gold standard. Currently, 10% of transactions at their high-volume locations are processed via the app. Their mobile payment volume has also been growing an impressive 10% per quarter. This shows that customers are not just open to mobile app payments, they are hungry for it!

At the core of this phenomenon, we find customers are looking for convenience AND are willing to pay for it! 

Do you want to increase your customer’s convenience by combining loyalty and ordering? Contact your customer service rep for more info!

Tip: Making referral codes work for you

One of the easiest ways to win new customers is through people they trust. 77% of customers are likely to buy a new product when learning about it from friends. 42% of customers are loyal to brands their family and friends buy from. Companies like Uber and Groupon owe their success to these concepts, proving that referral codes can be the lifeblood of your business.

Referrals work by providing an incentive that is attractive to the current customer and the one being referred. An incentive will get a current customer more likely to recommend a product or service. It will also reduce the new customer’s uncertainty of the product or service and make them more likely to choose you over a competitor.


It may seem costly at first, but winning new customers pays for itself above and beyond any referral bonus. Think about how much a customer is worth to you over their lifetime. Now, is it worth giving away a free product or a $10 voucher to capture that value? Chances are the answer is yes!

Now you know how to structure referral rewards, but do you know how to promote them? For ideas, contact your customer success rep to schedule a free one-on-one.

Tip: Creating the ultimate rewards program

Everyone knows variety is the spice of life. The same holds true for loyalty programs. The classic ‘stamp card’ approach tends to lose its appeal over time. Why? Because a single option is boring.

The excitement and perceived value of a reward weakens each time a customer redeems it. Your most loyal customers will feel this the strongest as they visit the most. Redeeming the same reward quickly becomes repetitive and loses its excitement.

How do you solve this issue? Simple, add more rewards! By offering multiple rewards you allow customers to choose the best reward for them at the time, rather than giving them a single option.


It’s equally important to offer different the types of rewards. Having a diverse reward selection will help to cater to your customers’ many needs. If you only offer one type of reward, consider others like free menu items, swag, buy one get one, or access to special VIP events.

Tiers are another exciting way to add value to your loyalty program. Customers will naturally want to work up towards specialty rewards available at higher tiers.

Contact your customer success rep to book a free reward improvement session with us!

Tip: Getting Personal With Your Brand

Your brand is more to you than just a trendy logo and some flashy visuals. It is a direct reflection of who you and your company are. It’s important that the values that you uphold as a company match what your customers perceive. Beautiful design work will help unify your vision, but having a full strategy is what will really highlight your amazing product and dedicated team.


Finding purpose

What problem am I solving? What makes my offering special? How does it make my customers feel? How do I speak to my customers?

These are a just a few of the kinds of questions you should ask yourself. They will help determine things like your mission statement, your brand purpose, and brand position (how you are positioned in relation to your customers). Those things are really important because they are what set you apart from your competitors, and determine whether you are filling a unique niche.

Making it personal

Translating your values into a brand that people can connect with comes down to taking it personally. Your brand needs a unique personality.

Ask yourself what personality traits your customers find agreeable or desirable.Is my brand serious or quick-witted? Does my brand keep everything it its place, or does it thrive in an organized mess? Picking 3-5 human traits in this way can help create a believable brand.

Keeping on track

A hugely important factor in having a strong brand is being consistent. Maintaining the same tone of voice, position, and visual language ensures that people will recognize your brand. People always talk about a recognizable logo, but how can you recognize something if you have no substance to tie it to?

Good design will speak for your brand. It will take those mission statements, goals, and personality traits and distil them into a visual experience that people will want to get to know.  

Coffee and Connections

De Mello Palheta and Coffee roasters at Yonge and Eglinton has a pretty simple mission – making the best coffee possible from seed to cup. They’re a little outside of the downtown core, so Won gave us some insight on how to get the momentum going on a trendy business anywhere in the city.


Ask for advice

Leveraging the know-how of someone who runs a business you admire can help you reach your goals faster. If someone has already tried and tested the best tools and strategies, it’s going to eliminate a lot of trial and error for you.  

“People ask us how to start a coffee shop and we help them out with equipment.” De Mello also pride themselves on following up with training and support. Won says they also have partnerships with design groups, and it’s obvious from one look at De Mello, that they know a thing or two about good design. Asking for help can sometimes open some of the most surprising doors. 

Build relationships

Think about which other businesses relate to your offering, or share similar values. It could be anyone from suppliers to wholesalers, or a local business network.  “We have wholesale clients that recognize us and visit us [regularly],” Won says.

Having a strong network will support your business in a variety of ways. Maybe there are other businesses that can sell your product to get your name out. They may do other marketing for you in their locations, or become a repeat customer.

Customers are your best partners

De Mello doesn’t need to do a lot of marketing – they are known for their quality, and their customers spread the word. It never hurts to fill an interesting niche that will get people talking and sharing with their friends.

A friend of the ReUp team shared how she became familiar with the De Mello brand. “At an old job I often had people ask me about what the coffee siphon tasted like. I had no idea because I didn’t know anyone who brewed siphon coffees. A customer told me De Mello brews a really good siphon so I went to check it out and have been going back since.”


Having those relationships in place doesn’t mean the work is over. Keeping the momentum going involves maintaining what forged the relationship in the first place. For De Mello, it’s their obsession with coffee, and creating the best possible product that continues to draw in admirers and potential partners.